Celebrities uncovered!


Twitter’s been abuzz lately with celebrities tweeting about See The Difference (Thank you!). So here are 5 facts about our celebs and projects they tweeted about.

Entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, as a kid, when told by his mother that they could not afford a bicycle, approached the local newspaper for a paper round jobs. The challenge – get a list of 100 interested people. 150 door knocks later he got the job. A second-hand bike followed a few months later!

Katie Price ran as a candidate for Stretford and Urmston in the 2001 British General Election. Her promises included increases on nudist beaches, and a ban on parking tickets!

Dr Hilary Jones was once the solitary medical officer on Tristan de Cunha in the South Atlantic, the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, for a year.

One of the photographs of Chris Packham was used as inspiration for a dress designed by his sister Jenny Packham and was featured in the television series, Gossip Girl.

While studying at the Dumbarton House School in Swansea, Rob Brydon once stole fellow pupil Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dinner money!

But which projects did they support?!

Click to find out about Duncan Bannatyne, Katie Price, Dr Hilary Jones, Chris Packham and Rob Brydon.

About See The Difference

See The Difference is a not-for-profit video site where you can literally see the difference you make to specific charity projects. With See The Difference, people can now choose a charity project that means something to them, know where their money goes and the See The Difference they make through the feedback that each charity has pledged to provide on every project. We hope that this blog will give visitors a chance to get to know the team here a little better and give us the opportunity to share updates and experiences from the See The Difference site.
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