Boom Bus Louis …

Former Homefront Junior Decorator of the Year Louis swapped a promising career in animation to pimp a double decker bus and a different life.

My life story in 100 words.

An adventurous supportive family and inspiring friends caused me to think outside the box, I built a waterfall in my jungle bedroom when I was 13 and won BBC Home front junior decorator of the year. Realising I was created for a purpose I was baptised at 14, as a keen artist started web design at 16, then got a job at Sky TV at 18. I bought a minibus at 21 and now travel the world having adventures with friends. At 24 I bought a double decker bus (, covered it in grafitti, and through music, media and parties continue to help empower youth to love life.

First memory?

My next door neighbour throwing a toy car at my head.

Cat or dog person?

I’m a monkey person.


What’s been the most inspiring moment of your life so far?

When I met a man who had been a wealthy business man and had a life changing moment which compelled him to give away everything he owned apart from a set of clothes, a bible and a toothbrush. He then moved to a house in Brixton to care for drug addicts and prostitutes. Meeting him has made me question so much about our society and what people live for.  We are now very close friends and have travelled the world, teaming up on many adventures.

 Where’s the most memorable place you’ve been?

A refugee camp in Kenya, we started playing drums with some kids and it turned into a wild dancing crowd, with deafening shouts and laughter. It was incredibly moving to see the simple joy amongst so much pain.

Twitter or facebook?


What 3 websites couldn’t you live without?

The best piece of advice you’ve been given…

My parents told me not to worry about saving money.

 Who would play you in a film?

I don’t know, but a close friend recently told me that if they made a film of my life it would be a disaster movie.

What’s the one thing you’d like to change about your world.

I’d like to see people become less selfish, because that is the root of so many of the world’s problems. It’s a constant battle especially in our consumer and convenience obsessed culture.

What’s the one thing you’ve done which you think has influenced people the most?

Realising that loving people is more important and rewarding than my personal gain, my attempt at this (however feeble) has hopefully influenced people around me to try and do the same. One active choice I made was that when I had a promising career at Sky TV doing animation and although it had a good wage and secure future, I realised that this was not what life is about for me, and left that job to live a lifestyle that enable me to give my time to people.

How did you discover See The Difference?

A friend visited my bus project and told me about site.

What’s your favourite project on See The Difference?

A great charity I noticed on the site is a charity I’ve done some work with called Read International, they empower youth in East Africa through simply providing school books from England to places where the schools are massively under resourced.  The founder of Read co-founded another initiative with one of my best mates Andy, called NoPC. They provide cheap, maintenance free, viable computing solutions to schools even in very rural areas, enabling internet and therefore endless educational resources. Awesome stuff!

Tell us a secret.

My pin number is 1234.

About See The Difference

See The Difference is a not-for-profit video site where you can literally see the difference you make to specific charity projects. With See The Difference, people can now choose a charity project that means something to them, know where their money goes and the See The Difference they make through the feedback that each charity has pledged to provide on every project. We hope that this blog will give visitors a chance to get to know the team here a little better and give us the opportunity to share updates and experiences from the See The Difference site.
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